Ultra-Rare Nintendo Game Hits eBay, Bidding Already Passed $22,000

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A rare Nintendo game named Nintendo World Championships is to be auctioned on eBay, bringing a significant amount of cash flow to both eBay and the seller himself. Why is it so rare and why eBay? Well, eBay is known for being one of the best online auction platforms on a worldwide scale, and as for the game, there were only 116 game cartridges ever manufactured.

It was designed for a game competition that would play out across multiple cities and states in 1990. 90 of the 116 cartridges were of the official grey cartridge seen on most NES games, while the remaining 26 were golden. While the grey ones were given away to semi-finalists of the original competition, the golden ones were given away in separate Nintendo Power magazine competitions. The eBay cartridge is one of the grey oldies, in bad condition however, having its label torn off and written Marion on it with a pen.

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Nonetheless, it is still valuable to Nintendo collectors, even in its current state. The motherboard appears to be fine, which is a good sign. Taking a look on eBay, we’ve seen the current bid going from $20,000 to $22,000 in just a few minutes and there is still 1 day of auctioning left. The bidding will be fierce, and what the actual value will become at the end, it is everybody’s guess. But you are welcome to check it out here.

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2 Responses to “Ultra-Rare Nintendo Game Hits eBay, Bidding Already Passed $22,000”
  1. Rick Lott says:

    it’s at $98,200.86

  2. Simon Butler says:

    F**k me sideways with a toblerone, that is some crazy bidding, wish I could find something like that, lucky guy

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