eBay Rumoured to Soon Accept Bitcoins

/ 3 years ago


The Ebay Inc owned PayPal are apparently in talks with Coinbase Inc and other bitcoin transaction providers to integrate the virtual currency within its Braintree payments system. Executives at PayPal, which owns the service that handles all the payments, have not struck any agreements yet, according to people familiar with the matter as saying.

A deal like this would be a huge endorsement for a virtual crypto currency. In general it has gained a wider acceptance with a slowly growing number of businesses accepting the virtual money. Some industry executives are still warning about the risks of an unregulated currency.

“We do believe that Bitcoin will play an important role in payments in the future, but we have nothing to announce,” eBay spokeswoman Jennifer Hakes said.

With a quote like that, we can assume that the auction and market platform eBay will accept digital payments very soon, perhaps even the entire PayPal range. The last one would be an overall game changer, as it would bring digital currencies to thousands of online shops, donation buttons and so much more.

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Thank you Reuters for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of eBay.

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