eBay Scammer Sends a Concrete Block Instead of a PS5

If you were not lucky enough to get your pre-order in place, then the realization is possibly dawning on you (or, at least, it should’ve by now!) that getting a PS5 this side of Christmas is looking increasingly unlikely. Demand is high, supply is low, and scalpers are pretty much successfully eating up most of what minimal stock does become available.

If you are, however, in your desperation, starting to consider purchasing your system from scalpers or resellers (usually at an exceptionally inflated price) then consider this a cautionary tale as one person from America did this on eBay and when their package arrived, rather than getting their shiny new console, all they found inside was a concrete block!

eBay PS5 Scammers!

In a report via Fox13Now, a resident from Utah, who has chosen (perhaps wisely) to remain anonymous (at least with the media), has reported that following the purchase of a PS5 console from a reseller on eBay, when his package arrived, while it certainly felt weighty enough to be about right, he instead opened it up to find that he’d spent nearly $900 on (apparently) a concrete block.

It’s unclear, at the time of writing, if this was an elaborate version of the ‘picture’ hoax we reported about last month or whether the buyer simply missed some small print including a yet unheard of’ concrete block’ edition of the system. Put simply though, if this was indeed a scam (and it certainly appears so) it’s somewhat difficult to ascertain why they bothered sending him the brick.

I mean, surely it’d have been easier just to keep the money and do nothing, right?

Some Good News

On the plus side, because this is a scam, it’s already been confirmed that the unnamed buyer will be eligible for a refund via eBays ‘return’ policy. So, ultimately, while he may not have his PS5, he at least isn’t going to end up out of pocket. – As above though, while we’d all like to own a PS5, please don’t let that desire drive you into the arms of scalpers or ‘flippers’ because, if this is anything to go by, it’s clearly a very iffy proposition!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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