eBay Scam Victim Gets Refund And Free Xbox One

/ 3 years ago


Remember the story from the other day about the 19 year guy who got scammed on eBay? Well after his “ordeal” where he fell for a pretty blatant scam, bidding on an Xbox One on eBay, not realising that it said “photo” in the listing. Upon winning the item, he received a very poor quality picture of the console and game printed on a sheet of A4 paper that had “Thank you” written on the back, and it only cost him about £500, ouch!


Now it looks like things are looking up for Peter Clatworthy, not only has he been given a full refund by eBay, most likely due to the publicity of this particular case, many victims of these scams won’t be so lucky. Yet on top of that he has also been given a free Xbox One for Christmas from his local CEX (Computer Exchange) store! Which is awfully nice of them.

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OK so his local store are likely punting to ride the PR train a little, but it’s still a great thing that they’ve done and while I personally still feel that you have to be a blind idiot to fall for most of these scams, it’s still nice to see a happy ending come out of it none the less. Plus the scammer has been banned from eBay, but I’m not sure that will stop that person from trying their luck again in the future.

End result, Peter ends up with his money back in his pocket in time for Christmas and him and his son get to enjoy their new computer, I’d chalk that up as a win.

Thank you Pixelvolt for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Pixelvolt.

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  • Skidmarks

    How nice of them even though he was a fool in the first place for falling for such a blatant scam. Next time he won’t be so lucky.

    • Russell Copeland

      Won’t need to be will he, now that he has his £500 back and a free console.. Bloody joke isn’t it.. *sigh*

      • Skidmarks

        Yeah. Just wondering if CEX will reward some more imbeciles in the future. If they do I wanna be first in the queue.

        • Russell Copeland

          LOL me too 😀 “waaghh I got “scammed”” lol

  • Capitain Stupid

    Lets reward stupidity 😀

    • Lawrence Richard Chiu

      The XBox One that he bought was listed under the category, console. If he wanted a picture of an XBox One, it would have been underneath the category, photo.
      And great job of defining stupid when there was completely no stupidity.

      • Meh!

        If you buy an item from Ebay based on what section it’s in and don’t read the description without digesting it then there is plenty of stupid involved. So if I listed a picture of a car in the car section then you would buy it would you? 😀

      • Voidflakes

        When he admits that the title for the listed product says ‘Xbox One console photo’ and he thinks, “Oh I’ll just take a chance anyway, it’ll probably be fine”, then there’s stupidity aplenty.

      • Mike2o6

        Guess you bought a item clearly listed ‘Xbox One photo’ as well and related with the guy huh? Sorry he couldn’t read…

      • Russell Copeland

        So? I once bought disco lights clearly listed as UK models and when I got them they were US ones. The seller lied and said he offered a refund prior to sending them out which he didn’t. Got ebay and trading standards involved. Lied to them as well saying that he gave me converter plugs which he didn’t. Typical of Trading Standards he got away with lying about the units being British 240-250v (which it clearly said in the description). Does that make me stupid – I read everything before buying them. Ended up selling them on at a loss.

        The dude knew he was taking a risk – the title said it was a photo, brand new. I wouldn’t have even bid on it if it were myself looking to buy a console.

  • Meh!

    This is typical of society today. The foolish, stupid/thick wind up getting things thrown at them and the average, sensible people who are smart enough to not fall for crap like this, carry on working hard and probably can’t afford this stuff, will carry on in that vain. Why do we all love losers so much???? Joey ******* Essex anyone?… (Not saying that he doesn’t work hard of course)

  • chor maobadi lai thok

    what a bloody idiot

  • millionmike

    CEX should be ashamed at themselves for giving this tool an xbox!

  • Russell Copeland

    Look at that smug, gloating grin on this chumps face.. Who else wants to rearrange his self satisfied face with a hammer?

    This dipwad doesn’t deserve it. CEX = fail big time. Would have been better if they had randomly chosen a childrens hospice or a childrens hospital like Great Ormond Street or whatever to give it to. I.E. to people who actually need something to brighten their day.. Not some tool who can’t read and gets himself scammed.

    I think the best scam I ever saw on ebay was some dipwad paying £2300 for the Wii when it came out and you couldn’t get one for love or money.. He tried getting his money back too. He didn’t get offered a free Wii and quite rightly so.

  • Shovinus

    CEX tries to get PR, makes me hate them for supporting the retards of the world, never gets my business again. Its morons like that that increase the amount of junk mail and crap out there.

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