ECS leaked out official names of 8- Series Motherboards

/ 5 years ago

Taiwanese based PC and Notebook manufacturer ECS accidentally leaked out the names of 3 of their newer boards with LGA1150 Socket based “Haswell” processors via their RSS feeds. These boards are powered with upcoming Intel Z87 and H87 Chipsets. The names of the boards are Z87H3-AX Extreme, Z87H3-AX Golden and H87H3-M4.

Going by the model number of its Intel 7-Series, it shouldn’t be surprising to see that the Z87H3-AX Golden will be decorated with gold-coloured heatsinks, I/O connectors, capacitors, socket and power phase “Mr. T” Style! M4 could be a board with m-ATX form-factor. Extreme Series maybe for enthusiast class but as of now its speculation.

Now that we know there are atleast 3 motherboards all prepped from ECS, we’ll have to wait for more information from any of the motherboard manufacturer (or any leaks).

Source: HWBot

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