Edward Snowden Ready To Accept Russian Terms Of Asylum

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Edward Snowden has recently been meeting with human rights activists in Russia to help determine his future. Human Rights Watch representative Tatyana Lokshina has stated that Edward Snowden is now ready to seek asylum in Russia because he cannot fly to Latin America. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had previously said that Edward Snowden would be offered asylum if he stopped damaging the USA. Early reports suggested that Snowden was not ready to accept such a condition but now Snowden says “that his job is done”.

Snowden has also asked human rights activists to petition the US and European states to not interfere with his asylum process. Snowden said he is ready to ask Russia for political asylum and that he “does not intend to harm the US in the future,” according to the chairman of the Russian State Duma MP Vyacheslav Nikonov.

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Snowden stated that:

“No actions I take or plan are meant to harm the US… I want the US to succeed”

Snowden did not rule out moving to a Latin American country but in the current climate he does not believe it is possible or sensible, particularly after the grounding of Evo Morales’ jet just over a week ago.

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2 Responses to “Edward Snowden Ready To Accept Russian Terms Of Asylum”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Good for him.

  2. Wayne says:

    I wonder if he’ll lay low until things quiet down then start flapping his lips again…

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