Egyptian Government Websites Being Defaced By Pro-Morsi Hackers

/ 5 years ago


There was much jubilation and celebration on the streets of Cairo as Egypt’s military overthrew President Mohamed Morsi in what has been described as a military coup. Since then the military has been killing Pro-Morsi protesters/rebels and there has been conflict throughout the country between Pro and Anti Morsi supporters.

During the interim period nothing much has really happened in terms of politics and authorities in Egypt are struggling to fill the political vacuum in a legitimate democratic way before the military takes over. Remember Egypt only just broke free of its “military” ruler during the Arab Spring last year and a year later Egypt has overthrown its democratically elected leader and is at risk of being a military state once again if democracy does not act fast.

The events in Egypt have not gone unnoticed by the outside world and Anonymous Jordan have been attacking anti-Morsi government websites. Hackread reports that they have targeted the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the National Council of Care for the Revolution Martyrs’ Families and Wounded, the General Authority for Red Sea Ports, and the Supreme Council of Culture.

On the defaced sites the Anonymous Jordan hackers posted a message defending Morsi, stating the removal of him was wrong and that he did everything in his power to change the situation in Egypt.

Image courtesy of Anonymous Jordan

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