Either Brad Wardell Is Full of #$£% or We Should Be Very Excited about DX12

/ 3 years ago


I’m really eager to see what Stardock are working on, not only because they’re utilising DirectX 12, but because their claims are endlessly incredible. Their CEO Brad Wardell is one of the most outspoken developers, at least on the subject of DirectX 12. However, the truth behind his claims remains to be seen. Their new game is to be showcased at many booths at GDC, including those of both Microsoft and AMD.

He’s said that Stardock’s partners have insisted the demo they’ve seen must not be live and that it’s pre-rendered. We’ve no idea what the game is about, only that it’ll support 4K resolutions, will initially launch on PC and will follow on Xbox One at a later date. We’ve been told that the demo will be running on current generation PC hardware, not future GPU’s with DX12 support. Many recent GPUs have been confirmed to be forward-compatible with DX12, at least to a certain extent; we can only assume it’s still very high-end hardware, likely the new range of 8GB cards, being used for this demo.

From what we’ve heard so far, it’s the general graphics fidelity and the fact that DirectX 12 is capable of running it smoothly at 4K resolutions that is so amazing, but again, this remains to be seen.

As I said before, Brad Wardell has been very outspoken about DirectX 12, claiming 100fps difference between the DX11 and DX12 API, as well as 600% performance increase on AMD graphics hardware. My instincts are telling me he’s talking rubbish to a certain degree, but I’m very eager to be proven wrong. What are you throughs? Do you think DX12 is going to deliver on these incredible claims?


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