EK makes another announcement

/ 6 years ago

Although this time the problem doesn’t emerge from their part, they’re announcing some type of issue with the GTX 580 from EVGA and their waterblocks.

According to their announcement, the latest EVGA GeForce GTX 580 graphics card appear to have no integrated heat spreader (IHS) on the GPU core. Since there is no way to know the difference between the old GPUs, the ones featuring IHS, and the new GPUs, the ones without IHS (only a protective shim around the core), due to the fact that they both feature the same product number, it is necessary to remove the heatsink fan assembly to visually inspect the circuit board.

They are warning costumers to check their graphics card prior to purchasing either the EK-FC580 GTX+ series or the EK-FC580 GTX DirectGPU series waterblock.

The currently known affected models are:

  • 015-P3-1580
  • 015-P3-1582

In addition to this, the EK Team also wishes us a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”, how nice of them.

Source: Press Release

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