EK Prepares Water Blocks For Radeon Pro Duo Release

/ 2 years ago


EK is one of the most respected names when it comes to water cooling hardware and produces an astonishing range of products including water blocks, reservoirs and much more. Their latest product revolves around AMD’s upcoming launch for the Radeon Pro Duo graphics card. This particular GPU opts utilises dual Fiji chips and requires three 8-pin PCI-E connectors. Of course, the stock model is based on an all-in-one liquid cooling unit manufactured by Cooler Master. While this is a visually stunning creation and able to cool the GPU rather well, some users might prefer a higher-end option. In preparation for this release, EK has teased an image showing the new Radeon Pro Duo water block featuring a clear acrylic top and nickel-plated base.

The block apparently incorporates a common coolant channel which passes over the VRM, PCI-E bridge chip and micro-fin lattices. While I don’t expect many people to order the Radeon Pro Duo due to its $1499 price tag, the block might be handy for those with large pockets. Saying that, the Radeon Pro Duo is geared towards VR development and isn’t really perceived as a gaming GPU. Therefore, I’m interested to see how many units will be sold and the number of people opting for a custom water block. Of course, EK is just updating their comprehensive line-up and catering to the very small percentage requiring the fastest graphics card on the market. Also, I wonder how much overclocking headroom is possible on two Fiji cores using the EK water block. Arguably, AMD could have employed this as the default cooler given the unbelievably high price. Surely, a slight increase wouldn’t stop the type of user paying above $1499.

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