EK preparing full cover MSI 7970 Lightning waterblock

/ 5 years ago

MSI’s HD 7970 Lightning edition graphics card was praised for its fantastic overclocking abilities. But if you’re one of those people who want to push your chip further than the air cooler allows, then EK’s new water block solution could be for you.

Given the successive release of two faster cards after the MSI 7970 Lightning was first launched, the GTX 680 and then the HD 7970 GHz Edition, you may be wanting to make up for that performance crown your graphics card just lost. Overclocking with the aid of EK’s FC-7970 LTG full cover water block is likely to give you much more headroom, particularly if you are thinking about adding some extra volts courtesy of MSI’s unique GPU reactor power delivery system.

The EK FC-7970 LTG is designed from the ground up for the MSI HD 7970 Lightning Edition card, so it provides cooling to:

  • The main 7970 GPU
  • The 12 GDDR5 memory chips
  • Seventeen sets of International Rectifier DirectFETs

The rear of the PCB has no components that require cooling so the stock backplate that came with the card can and should be used there. The coolant-flow channel covers the VRM and memory areas, in addition to the GPU area. Whilst it includes EK’s FCLink system allowing you to easily add multiple GPUs to the water cooling loop.

EK’s FC-7970 LTG water block will be available on July 27th on their website. Pricing and availability will be announced then too.


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