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EK Upgrades Their Loop Connect Ecosystem

EK is one of the worlds leading brands for liquid cooling hardware. However, they also have a comprehensive software suite and sensor technologies. These allow you to both monitor and manage your liquid cooling setup and much more beyond. Today, they’ve revealed that the EK-Loop Connect software version 1.3.11 is ready! Having been developed and tested over the last few months, based on feedback from their customers, it’s finally ready.

Furthermore, they’ve also revealed their new EK-Loop Connect Fan and Addressable RGB controller! Several EK-Loop Connect accessories are also ready to hit the market. These launches include a flow meter, a level sensor for TBE reservoirs, and a special USB-A type cable. In the near future, you can also expect G1/4″ plug-based thermal sensors to be released. Of course, this is all compatible with the new software, giving you a greater level of control over your PC customisation and monitoring.

What EK Had to Say

“We were fortunate enough to have onboarded a team of software developers who were dedicated to the cause and managed to deliver functional software within the set deadline. We promised to deliver the software within 3 months, and here we are. The latest version of the EK-Loop Connect software was tested and confirmed by a small group of beta testers, and today we are ready to present it to the public,” said Edvard König, founder of EK.” – EK

EK-Loop Connect – Flow Meter

This minimalistic flow meter allows users to precisely monitor the flow rate in their loop and fine-tune the pump speed for optimal balance between acoustics and performance. It also sends a report if the pump is not operational, thus preventing overheating of the system and possible malfunctions. It comes equipped with two G1/4″ ports for easy implementation into the custom liquid cooling loop. The software also allows the user to calibrate the readout, making all given numbers a real representation of the flow inside the loop.

EK-Loop Connect – Level Sensor TBE 60

A coolant level sensor provides a warning when the reservoir reaches a point where it would be prudent to top it off. Due to the coolant evaporation through the tubing, it makes sure the pump never runs dry. Also, in case of a leak, it warns you of the coolant level being below its optimal value. It attaches to the tube of the EK tubular-style reservoirs and connects via a dedicated cable to the EK-Loop Connect control unit.

EK-Loop Connect – USB External Cable (1 m)

This simple cable will allow the user to connect their EK-Loop Connect controller unit to the PC via a standard USB connector that can be found on the back of the motherboard. This type of connection is beneficial to modders because it allows them to pre-program the controller using another PC. This also makes it possible to run the pump, fan, and RGB settings on another PC without the need to install an OS. This saves a great deal of time and still lets the user control RGB patterns for the needs of the video shoots, etc.

EK-Loop Connect Software 1.3.11

To run the latest version of the Connect controller software, it is best to uninstall all previous software versions completely. There were a few crucial changes to the software, a lot of minor bugs were fixed, and the overall stability was greatly improved. The change-log with the most important details is as follows:


  • Application checks for updates on app startup. The update check can also be done in the Support/Settings tab.
  • By pressing the app close button, the application now minimizes to tray. It can be closed by right-clicking on the tray icon and choosing Exit.
  • Controller detection retry is added.
  • Users can change the temperature source for controlling the PWM (CPU/GPU/T1/T2/T3).
  • An option to set the temperature range and colors for the Smart RGB profile is added.
  • The info from the Extended tab is added to the Dashboard tab while the Extended tab is removed.
  • Two additional points to the PWM curve in the custom profile are added.
  • The cooling profile name is written under each fan header on the Dashboard.
  • RGB number value input and HEX value input are added.
  • PWM settings are saved and restored on an app update.
  • User values for RGB colors and effects are saved on app update or restart.
  • The Component/Header renaming is simplified.
  • Temperature sensors and the flow meter will show N/A if there is no sensor connected. The Level sensor displays a warning if the sensor is not connected.
  • The new version number is displayed on the “Hello screen.”
  • Windows user is displayed on the “Hello screen” along with the Windows user picture.
  • SDK is updated to a newer version to support AMD 5000 series CPUs, AMD 6000 series GPUs, and NVIDIA 3000 series GPUs.

Based on the feedback EK receives from its customers and community, the company is planning to introduce subsequent software updates with all the necessary changes in the future.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Loop Connect control unit, Flow Meter, Level Sensor, and USB External Cable are available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and dedicated reseller network. They are expected to start shipping on March 5, 2021. In the table below, you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

Peter Donnell

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