EK Working On A New Water Block For The ASUS Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II OC

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Reports show that EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is currently working on a new Full Cover water block for the latest ASUS non-reference design DirectCU II series AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics card named the R9290X-DC2OC-4GD5.

The EK-FC R9-290X DCII will be a high performance full-cover water block for engineered specifically for the latest revision of ASUS design Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II series graphics cards. With a direct cooling line to the GPU, RAM as well as VRM (voltage regulation module), water will flow over these critical areas and allow the graphics card and its VRM to remain stable under high overclocking stats.

A refined 0.6 mm wide microchannel structure will be used, similar to the EK-FC R9-290, in order to even further improve the heat transfer while not sacrificing the famous low hydraulic restriction design. Thus, the product can be used in liquid cooling systems using less powerful water pumps. It will be available in three visually different variations and an aesthetic backplate will be available for optional purchase. Up to four water blocks could be used on a single ATX form factor motherboard by using EK-FC Terminal (DUAL, TRIPLE or QUAD type) system or other means of interconnectivity.

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The Water Block is in production and will be released onto the market through EK Webshop and other partner retailers starting from February 2014.

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