EK working on new motherboard water blocks

/ 6 years ago

Short and to the point as always, EK has announced it started working on new water blocks for some of the most popular motherboards on the market.

By ‘the most popular motherboards on the market’, they meant the EVGA X79 Classified / EVGA X79 FTW as well as the MSI Big Bang XPower II.

For the EVGA X79 Classified and FTW version, the cooling solution will be composed of two separate water blocks, one for X79 PCH (also known as southbridge) and the other for power regulation (or MOSFET). Already being worked on, the new water blocks are expected to arrive within three weeks.

MSI’s Big Bang XPower II motherboard gets some sort of a lesser treatment so to speak, with only a MOSFET water block being planned. This water block is expect to arrive in about a month time.

Source: Press Release

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