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EKWB Announces Server-Grade Annihilator EX/EP CPU Blocks

Liquid Cooling for Intel Servers

EKWB has a new water block out in the market. However, unlike their previous releases, this one is specifically for Intel Skylake Xeon and Skylake-E HEDT CPUs with a larger LGA 3647 socket. The LGA 3647 package is significantly larger than even the LGA 2011-3 it replaces. In fact, it is almost four times larger than a Xeon D (Broadwell-DE) package.

This EK-Annihilator EX/EP water block features a total of 6 ports, which allow for versatile connectivity options. Two top ports are standard G1/4-inch threads. Meanwhile, the side ports have G1/8-inch threads. This enables users to customize their loop with various configuration options. Furthermore, the CPU block offers 100% IHS coverage for efficient cooling.

The cold plate is made of copper and with a nickel premium finish.  Meanwhile, the top uses durable black POM Acetal.  Lastly, the CPU hold-down bracket itself is from a thick piece of aluminium. Like every enterprise solution, this CPU block is built for performance, reliability, serviceability. Plus, its low profile clearance allows it to fit under 1U rack height restrictions. While cooling better than typical air-cooler heatsinks for the LGA 3647.

How Much is the EKWB EK-Annihilator EX/EP?

The EKWB EK-Annihilator EX/EP is now available via their website or through their partner reseller networks. The MSRP is 139.90€ per block with VAT.

Ron Perillo

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