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EKWB Confirms AMD Ryzen 5000/Radeon 6000 Water Blocks

With the AMD Ryzen 5000 processors and Radeon 6000 graphics cards set to arrive in the coming weeks, it isn’t exactly surprising to find that preparation is already underway for the release of custom-loop cooling solutions. Despite the fact that the Radeon 6000 GPUs were only launched yesterday, however, following a post on their official Twitter account, EKWB (EK Water Blocks) has confirmed that designs for both of the new CPUs and GPUs are already well into development!

EKWB AMD Ryzen 5000/Radeon 6000 Water Blocks

Although EKWB hasn’t gone as far as to confirm any specific release dates, given that the AMD Ryzen 5000 series will release on November 5th, with the graphics cards following on November 18th, it seems pretty clear that their water block designs will be ready, pretty much, hot on their heels!

More so, however, given that the Radeon 6000 GPU reference designs do appear to be largely similar (for the 6800, 6800 XT, and 6900 XT) EKWB may have the advantage of simply launching one product that will be fully compatible with all of these graphics cards.

What Do We Think?

Given the amazing performance potential seemingly offered from AMD’s new upcoming releases, it will, of course, be more than a little interesting to see how far that can be pushed within the realms of overclocking. While we don’t expect temperatures to (apparently) be too much of an issue for either, the potential offered here in pushing them as far as they can go is clearly going to be more than a little interesting for a lot of people.

If you do, therefore, want to learn more about EKWB and their products, you can check out their official website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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