EKWB Indigo Xtreme ETI and Supremacy EVO Elite now for LGA-2011-3

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With new CPU sockets, the cooler and thermal interfaces will have to adapt. EK Water Blocks introduced the new Indigo Xtreme Engineered Thermal Interface for the latest 5th generation Intel Socket LGA-2011-3 series CPU as well as Supremacy EVO Elite CPU water block bundle.


EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme fits neatly between a CPU lid and water block or heat sink to keep CPUs cooler. Unlike greases, metallic thermal interface pads or liquid metal alloys, Indigo XS is a self-contained and sealed structure, deploying a Phase Change Metallic Alloy (PCMA) which reflows and fills surface asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink.


Indigo Xtreme achieves high thermal performance through the optimized deployment of molten, oxide-free PCMA, thereby yielding low contact resistance and low bulk resistance. The resultant interfacial layer is void-free and robust, with low thermal contact and bulk resistance.


The TIM uses a platform dependent applicator and thus only compatible with the socket and CPU specified.

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  • Bulk thermal conductivity >20 W/mK
  • Fully sealed structure – no mess or migration
  • Most consistent performance – applies the correct amount of alloy every time
  • Gallium-free
  • Laser-cut precision
  • Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Easy clean up – just peel to remove
  • Made in USA by Enerdyne Solutions for EKWB


EK-Supremacy Elite is the premium bundle contains the EK-Supremacy EVO Full Nickel CPU cooler and the best EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme. Convenient if you’re were planning to get both anyway. The EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme – Intel 2011-3 has an MSRP of 22.95€ and the EK-Supremacy EVO Elite – Intel 2011-3 bundle has an MSRP of 109.95€ and should be readily available now through the EK Webshop and partner reseller.

Thanks to EKWB for providing us with this information

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