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EKWB Introduces White Edition Quantum Velocity² and Vector² WaterBlocks

EKWB has today announced new white editions of their EK-Quantum Velocity² and EK-Quantum Vector² water blocks.

EK-Quantum Velocity² AM5 White Edition

This AM5 waterblock is built upon the award-winning Velocity² platform which utilises a socket-specific high-performance cooling engine with a low hydraulic flow restriction. EK have achieved this through the combination of mounting pressure and cold plate geometry which has been specifically tailored for the IHS and die layout of the AM5 socket. The jet plate cutout uses an asymmetric design which allows for the flow to be directed into the areas that need it the most.

EK-ExactMount Mounting System

Due to the sturdy, integrated stock backplate that is featured on AM5 motherboards, the EK-ExactMount mounting system has been re-engineered to allow for a simplified installation process. This redesigned mount results in an almost invisible and even more user-friendly mounting mechanism hidden entirely within the block. The included screws use a hard-stop design to make sure the block is perfectly mounted and tensioned once the screws reach the end of the thread to reduce the risks of over-torquing the block.

EK-Quantum Velocity² LGA 1700 White Edition

This block for the LGA 1700 socket has been given a new white-design and, like the AM5 block, features a next generation socket-specific CPU water block cooling engine. The block’s mounting pressure and cold plate geometry has been tailored specifically for the IHS and die layout of the Intel LGA 1700 socket for low hydraulic flow restriction and high performance. This LGA 1700 block has also been equipped with the EK-ExactMount mounting mechanism to allow for a seamless and clean installation with exact mounting pressures.

EK-Quantum Vector² Strix/TUF RTX 4090 White Edition

This new EK-Quantum Vector² GPU water block for the ASUS ROG Strix and ASUS TUF RTX 4090s features an all-new white terminal and a white standout piece for those all-white builds. The Vector² solves the issues of excessive heat generation during high load on the GPU core, voltage regulation module and GDDR6X VRAM of the RTX 4090. This block is only compatible with the ASUS ROG Strix and ASUS TUF variants of the RTX 4090.

Price and Availability

These new water blocks are available for Pre-Order through the EK-Webshop with the Velocity² blocks shipping in late May and the Vector² in late June.

  • EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB – 1700 White Edition – €‎144.90
  • EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB – AM5 White Edition – €‎144.90
  • EK-Quantum Vector² Strix/TUF RTX 4090 D-RGB – White Edition – €‎299.90
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