EKWB Launch its New Water Block Design for Intel Arc A750 and A770

EK Water Blocks (EKWB) has announced the launch of a new water-cooling solution for Intel Arc A750 and A770 graphics cards. These new Intel GPUs get a premium Vector² water block solution with a passive backplate. The EK-Quantum Vector² ARC A750/A770 are single-package liquid cooling solutions consisting of a Vector² series water block and a black-anodized aluminium backplate. Its aesthetics are dominated by minimalist straight lines and the backplate coming around the side of the GPU to cover the PCB completely.

EKWB Water Blocks for Intel Arc A750 and A770

The EKWB Vector² cooling engine combines the jet plate with a 3D-machined Plexi insert to improve flow distribution and thermal performance. This cooling engine is based on an Open Split-Flow cooling engine design, which proved to be a superior solution for GPU water blocks. It is characterized by low hydraulic flow restriction, meaning it can be used with weaker water pumps or pumps running on low-speed settings and still achieve top performance. EK took great care to achieve a symmetrical flow domain by utilizing an internal bridge to secondary components. This was done to ensure the cooling of secondary components without sacrificing flow distribution over the GPU core.

All EKWB Vector² GPU water blocks use an 11 mm-thick copper cold plate with a directly attached acetal terminal and a robust single O-ring top design. This simple construction provides confidence during customization and maintenance. The Arc water block includes a black-anodized aluminium backplate and a base that is CNC-machined out of nickel-plated electrolytic copper. The D-RGB LED lighting is deployed on the longest edge of the water block for improved uniformity and brightness. The PCB and diodes are concealed inside a clean aluminium extrusion.

Tactile magnetic covers are used to conceal the terminal screws, which allows the rotation of the badge when the GPU is inverted inside the case. – These GPU water blocks have a specific cutout that enables the use of the included multi-use tool for decoupling the PCIe safety on the motherboard and easy unplugging of the GPU. The same tool can also be used to detach the power cable more easily and tighten the standoffs.

Each Vector² water block comes with a CNC-machined black-anodized backplate. Captive nickel-plated mounting screws are included to replace the original black screws. The backplate has a new L-shaped profile that comes in contact with the water block’s base and encloses the entire GPU while increasing the cooling surface. This connection between the backplate and the water block improves the performance even more by boosting the heat transfer efficiency.

Captive backplate screws simplify installation, ensuring the correct length is always used where required to avoid user errors and second-guessing.

Where Can I Learn More?

EKWB has confirmed that the EK-Quantum Vector² ARC A750/A770 water blocks are available to pre-order now for an MSRP of €239.90 with shipments expected to start around mid-December. And yes, I am fully aware that this water block costs nearly as much as the Arc A750 making it a bit of an odd choice for consumers to be sure.

If you would, however, like to learn more about it, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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