EKWB now offering improved jet plates

/ 6 years ago

Since November 1st, EKWB has been shipping their Supreme HF series waterblock with improved jet plates.

EKWB states that their testing revealed improvement in performances by 1 degree Celsius as well as an improvement in flow rate of 2%. Sure, it may not look like much said like this, but sometimes small differences tend to have a larger impact.

Additionally, EK is also giving away 1000 jet plates, which will also be distributed among resellers, and the costumer will have nothing to pay except for the shipping fee. On the other hand, the end customer is limited to two free jet plates per order.

While being free at the moment, the new EK-JET Supreme HF #6 is now available from the EKWB e-shop. When the 1000 give away stock ends, the price will fall back to the regular price of €0.95 incl. VAT.


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