EKWB Releases New Kit for GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion Motherboard

/ 3 years ago

EK-FB KIT GA X99-SOC Champion3

When we are thinking of liquid cooling we mostly think of CPUs and graphics cards, but you can include pretty much any part of your system into your custom liquid loop. The motherboard with its southbridge and VRM is an obvious choice, especially for people who run open case systems, test benches, or other low ventilated systems. You either need some airflow over your system or more water blocks to ensure that everything keeps running as smooth as you like it.

EK-FB KIT GA X99-SOC Champion1

EK WB released a new set designed especially for GIGABYTE’s X99-SOC Champion motherboard and it covers the VRM and southbridge with individual modules. The EK-FB KIT GA X99-SOC Champion kit is a complete solution for those who want to take their high-end system one step further for a complete solution.

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The base of the water block is made of nickel plated electrolytic copper while the top depends on the model. There are two models available, made of quality POM Acetal or acrylic glass material depending on the variant. The screw-in standoffs are pre-installed and allow for easy and trouble-free installation by utilizing the original motherboard backplates.

EK-FB KIT GA X99-SOC Champion2


The new EK-FB KIT GA X99-SOC Champion is available now for an MSRP of €114.95.

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