Elden Ring Player Successfully Avoids Invader By Hiding in Plain Sight – Video

Although the invasion mechanics featured in Elden Ring are nowhere near as pervasive as they have been in prior ‘Soulsborne’ titles, it is still a feature of the game that is largely either loved or hated by the gaming community. For one person, however, they decided to attempt a rather unique tactic when they faced an enemy encounter. Put simply, they decided to attempt to hide from them in entirely open and plain sight. And against a lot of expectations, including my own, it actually worked!

Elden Ring Players Disguises Themselves as an NPC

Now admittedly, disguising yourself as an NPC isn’t exactly a new tactic when it comes to ‘Soulsborne’ invasions. Within Elden Ring, however, things are clearly a bit different and especially so given its relatively ‘open-world’ aspect of design. – So, what did this player do that was so special? Well, although you can check it out for yourself in the video below, he donned some very specific clothing and lured a patrolling enemy (from the game’s opening area) into a bush and killed them. A smart move as this would render their corpse reasonably well hidden. – So far, so good!

So, with a successful invader entering their world, what did they do? Well, they patrolled the road pretty much exactly as the NPC would’ve done. And as someone who has spent a pretty decent amount of time in that location, I’ll freely concede that the illusion was pretty perfect and totally capped off with the invader clearly attempting to find where they were, including walking past them several times, without even noticing!

A Rookie Mistake By the Invader?

As you can see in the video, after around 5 minutes of hunting, the invader eventually decided to leave the area (possibly by killing themselves based on the fact that the player was rewarded as if they had defeated them in open battle). – For anyone with any experience of ‘Soulsborne’ invasions, however, I think it not unfair to say that the invader here did make something of a rookie error.

Having been lured into many traps during my overall ‘Soulsborne’ online experience (not including Elden Ring… yet!) I think many people know to pretty much treat anything with suspicion! A bush can easily be an enemy in disguise (which, in fairness, would’ve probably worked just as well here. The fun, however, is clearly by making yourself so obvious yet so well hidden!). – The bottom line though is that if you ever find yourself in a situation similar to this invader, spam the ‘target’ button because if you lock onto something, it’s probably your target!

Still though, thanks for the video ‘u/xdc_lis‘. You made my day!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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