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Elder Scrolls Online Event Extended and PlayStation Users Compensated

It’s certainly been one of the busiest periods in the history of The Elder Scrolls Online recently. Not only did they up the level cap from CP810 to a staggering CP3600, but there have also been two double XP events back to back. Unfortunately, for those playing on PlayStation devices, things haven’t been quite as exciting, as an update clashed with the PlayStation Network and brought the whole thing down. This was a big deal, as this event gives out the most rewards, rare items, XP bonuses, Motifs and more, drawing in some pretty significant player numbers as a result.

Elder Scrolls Online Server Issues

Of course, these things do happen from time to time, with just about any online service, not just games. They were quick to hold their hands up and take the blame too, which is a rare and refreshing thing to see.

“First, the issue itself was caused by a service problem between ESO and the PSN platform and was entirely our fault. Because it was a problem between the ESO game and the PSN service, our solution was to rebuild the ESO patch, test it, and submit it for recertification. This process takes time, which is where the initial 24-48 hour estimate came from. However, with critical help from our PSN partners, we figured out a much faster solution – to modify the service itself. With that, it only took a service update and a restart, and after testing and verification, we were back in business very late last night east coast USA time and as I type this everything is running normally.” – Studio Director Matt Firor

Thankfully, it seems they were able to work with a team at Sony and get things back up and running much sooner than expected. However, the loss of play time, XP, and rewards to PlayStation users was still massive. As a result, the Jubilee event has now been extended till April 15th.


Shortly after the fix, Matt Firor released the following statement via a Tweet, which you can read in its entirety below. Sorry mobile users, it’s not the most small-screen friendly format for a post this long, but you can zoom in I guess.

Extended Event

What’s even more amazing is that the Elder Scrolls Online Jubilee event is extended on all platforms, which means PC and Xbox gamers can get even more rewards for longer, which puts a huge grin on my face. Fortunately, PlayStation fans will get some other perks, such as a huge haul of 150% XP scrolls, and the Ayleid Wolf Pup will drop sooner for them to compensate for the loss of daily login rewards. However, any rewards from the last few days will simply be placed later in the month also.

Top work Zenimax, that’s how you address and deal with an issue like this.

Peter Donnell

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