Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Sees Console Release

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For all you console owning, Elder Scrolls fans out there, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has been released for Ps4 and Xbox One.

After poor reception and player numbers a lot lower than expected, Bethesda dropped the monthly subscription to their MMORPG and released The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for PC back in mid-March. Now the good news for all you current generation console owners, you can wreak as much havoc upon Tamriel as you want. After you have purchased TEO:TU there is no more fees to pay.

The console version has a new, controller friendly user interface as well as a custom voice chat system that makes meeting other players a lot easier. It is a shame that cross-platform play isn’t an option, if only Sony and Microsoft could work out their company policies and let everyone play nicely together. The only glimmer of hope for this is when Windows 10 goes live it should have the ability to play with Xbox One players, but if this was to happen things would have to be rebalanced as the PC controls would be a huge advantage over a controller.

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If you are new to The Elder Scrolls franchise you may want to jump straight into this MMO, but if you feel like you want to be a little less social I still highly recommend Skyrim as a perfect introduction to the series. Even though it was released at the end of 2011, it is still up there as one of the best RPGs and with the myriad of mods available there will be no shortage of content.

If you are unaware of what this game is, then check out this new trailer below:

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