Electric Car Energy Density Boosted 7x Using Poroxide

/ 4 years ago


Electric cars are here to stay, it doesn’t matter if they’re powered by hydrogen or a plug socket, they’ve proven to be more efficient than petrol engines and that’s an important step in the right direction. There are lots of electric cars already on our roads, but there is also still a lot of room for improvement and one of the current sticking points is the batteries, they’re big, they’re heavy and they only last so long before needed to be recharged.

Finding ways to make batteries last longer between charges, whilst also making them smaller and lighter is very important to the future success of electric vehicles, and the latest development by a team at the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo may have found a way to do it. Their new development technique can boost the storage capacity of a lithium-ion battery by 7 times, without any effect to the charging or discharging cycle.

As with most new discoveries, it’s still a long way from being put into production cars, or any other technology for that matter, but it’s a big step in the right direction. Imagine electric cars with seven times the current range, or a battery 1/7th of the size and weight, both of which can have big benefits in terms of efficiency.

Thank you Venture Beat for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Venture Beat.

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