Electric Powered Formula E Race Car Takes Its First Test Laps

/ 4 years ago


Electric cars are quickly becoming the next big thing and while they have been on the roads for a few years now, either in the form of rechargeable cars or hybrid engines, there is little to be said for them being exciting. Sure, there are things like the Tesla Roadster but the humble electric motor has yet to cause a spark in the world of Motorsports, until now.

Most of the innovations in our road cars came from some kind of Motorsport, it is where innovations are made and having a true racing series for purely electric powered vehicles is what we need to improve their performance, efficiency and public opinion.

The Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E teams will be racing next year at the La Ferte Gaucher track in France, the first test laps were completed by a full electric powered car. It sounds very different when compared to the Formula 1 cars it is based on, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t offer up some serious performance in the near future.

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Packing a 50kW battery in the test car and a mere 25% of the final race-ready cars it still looks like a lot of fun . If this is just a taste of things to come then I can’t wait to see the full line up on the track with all the settings dialled up to 11.

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  • Skidmarks

    It sound like a cross between a jet engine and a sewing machine. I wonder if this category of racing will be taken seriously in the near future.

    • Conor Rose

      They will need to put speakers in it, with fake engine noises, for me to at the very least enjoy it! haha

    • Zep

      With 4x the power it has now, in the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded like a 7,000 dollar RC car..

      • Zep

        Because now it sounds like an RC helicopter from Walmart that won’t stay up..

        Still, awesome concept.

  • Jeppe Carlsen

    Oh god, can’t believe I have to do this here, but…
    There is*
    You can’t say “They’re is”, as that would be “They are is”…

    • Jeppe Carlsen

      Honestly this article is a huge mess grammatically…