Electronic Arts In The Final Two For The Worst Company In America Title

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Every year The Consumerist, a website dedicated to giving consumers rights and helping them fight back against powerful companies, hosts a competition to pick the worst company in the United States of America. The tournament is run by pairing up companies against each other and in round one there were 64 companies paired up in 32 matches. After round two, the quarters and the semis, we have ended up with a final of Electronic Arts (EA) vs Bank of America.

The readers of consumerist, and anyone else who has visited the website, had their chance to vote over the past couple of weeks on which companies they didn’t like. Voting on the EA vs Bank of America final ended yesterday and the results are to be announced at 12:00pm EST (Eastern Time) or 17:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on April the 9th. EA managed 64% of the vote last year to win America’s worst company “award” and this year the result could be the same if enraged SimCity fans get their way.

It is difficult to explain simply why people dislike EA so much, but I always feel that this video helps explain the grievances of those who despise EA. If you haven’t seen it then it is definitely worth a watch and it is very funny at the same time.


What are your opinions on EA? Do they deserve to get the title worst company in America for 2013? Have you voted for them in this “competition”?


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  1. the video forgot about breaking otherwise good games, with unreasonable drm.

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