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Elgato 4K60 S+ Game Capture Card Review

There are a good number of quality capture cards on the market, and there has been for many years now. However, if you’re planning on capturing the top resolutions, the best frame rates, higher dynamic range colour and more, then you’re going to have a lot less choice. There’s barely a handful of them and they’re not cheap. However, the latest one from Elgato, which isn’t cheap either, does offer up a pretty impressive feature set that should appeal to the live streaming and content creating gamers out there.

Elgato 4K60 S+ Game Capture Card

4K gaming is more common now, and while it still requires a beast of a rig to pull off well, it’s something many gamers want to share with the world. Recording 4K footage its self can be demanding, but the 4K60+ can do it on the fly. Sure, you can record to a PC using the USB C cable and save to a hard-drive, that’s the easy part. However, you can just stick an SD card in the front of this one, hit record and get gaming. No software, no mess, just plug in and go. For those gaming sessions at your mates house, the LAN party’s, or even competitions, this is a real game-changer for content creation and streaming.


The HEVC chip on board 4K60 S+ touts the highest encoding performance possible. Now, you can record up to seven hours of action-packed 4K HDR gameplay to a 256GB SD card. Or record directly to your PC’s hard drive without overloading its CPU.

What Elgato Had to Say

“Recording 4K HDR content is usually confined to production studios with hefty desktop rigs. Not anymore. Compact and portable, 4K60 S+ sports all the cutting-edge technology you need to record high-fidelity gameplay. Anywhere, even without a computer.” – Elgato

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