Elite: Dangerous Adds Terry Pratchett Tribute

/ 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett

Frontier Development’s space trading simulator Elite: Dangerous has added a touching tribute to the late Discworld author Terry Pratchett. To commemorate Pratchett’s life, Elite has created a spaceport called Pratchett’s Disc, in orbit of the planet Vulcan. Located in system HIP 74290, the space station is available in the game’s latest patch.

Michael Brookes, Executive Producer for Frontier Developments, told Eurogamer:

“At Frontier we have a great many Pratchett fans on staff and we were all saddened to learn of his passing. The sentiment was reflected by our community so we felt it would be right to remember him in Elite: Dangerous. For me personally, Terry Pratchett was one of very few authors whose books I could buy without needing to read a review or even ask what the story was about. His talent for social commentary, humour, unforgettable characters and vivid worlds not only provided joy as a reader, but inspiration as a writer.”

Pratchett’s Disc now shares an orbit with the Nimoy Memorial Station, similarly created in tribute to recently passed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy.

Source: Hexus

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