Elite Xbox Controller Comes With Swappable Parts

/ 2 years ago


The Xbox controller has become a recognised for gamers, no matter what console you used you could recognise the layout and design. E3 brings us lots of news about games and new projects, but today we also learnt about a new Xbox controller.

The new controller, pictured above, looks similar to the older controllers but has some very distinct differences. The first thing people may notice is that the D-Pad has been swapped out with a textured rolling pad. The second thing people may notice is the small silver slivers underneath the handle grips, these are four brand new buttons located where your little and tertiary finger rest on the controllers.


All the triggers have been switched out with hair triggers, meaning they’ll be more sensitive and quicker to react to your jumpy finger movements when you turn those last second corners. The biggest point about all of these new features is that they are interchangeable. With the ability to easily remove and customise your controller to a personal preference, you may find it difficult to switch back to your friends spare when you’re playing around theirs.

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With no set launch date or price yet the controllers will no doubt be eagerly awaited by Xbox and PC users alike. I personally can’t wait to grab one for the PC and see how it compares to the classic Xbox and 360 controllers.

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