Elon Musk Debunks Electric Space Rockets after Simpsons Episode

/ 3 years ago


Elon Musk appeared in last night’s episode of the Simpsons, an episode full of future and current concepts such as self-driving cards, violin playing quadcopters, self-packing luggage and a working hyperloop.

Elon Musk was treated well in the episodes, as guest stars always are. There is some witty banter at his expense, but always mocking something good – and in good humour. At the end of the episode, he jets off in his Dragon spacecraft and Lisa points out that “for a man who likes electric cards, he sure burns a lot of rocket fuel”.

Before this could get out of hand in any way, Elon Musk used his twitter account to debunk electrical rockets. They are simply not possible. The “reason is Newton’s Third Law. In vacuum, there is nothing to “push” against. You must react against ejected mass … Ion thrusters are great, but have extremely tiny force (photon thruster even less). Must have more thrust than weight or you don’t go up.”

He also notes that another futuristic trope for getting off the planet, the space elevator, needs a lot more research in raw materials before it will be a possible.

So both space elevators and electric rockets will stay a thing of Hollywood’s for now. Elon Musk had one more things to say, that railgun launches wouldn’t work either – at least if your plan is to not explode.

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