Elon Musk Wants to Bring the Whole World Online

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Elon Musk is no stranger to big ideas, but the man behind SpaceX and Tesla may be about to create something as equally impressive as his other projects. It has been reported that Musk is collaborating with O3b Network founder Grey Wyler. Their aim is to provide internet to the entire world with the use of low-cost satellites.

The plan would be to launch 700 low-cost internet satellites into space. Each satellite would need to cost less than $1 million and weigh less than 250 pounds. While that doesn’t sound too crazy, keep in mind that even the cheapest satellites weigh 500 pounds or more and cost several million each.

Wyler and Elon have already begun talks with Florida and Colorado government officials about the possibility of building factories in those states. However, it’s still very early to tell if this idea will ever see the light of day.

The idea is a big one and should it progress further, Elon could be a big help. He has the financial backing, he has some very talented engineers at his disposal and he also has SpaceX, which could be used to put them satellites into orbit. If anyone can do this, it’s Elon Musk.

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One Response to “Elon Musk Wants to Bring the Whole World Online”
  1. Wayne says:

    So why doesn’t he beat lips with Google and Facebook? Don’t they have the same idea?

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