Emergency Smartphone Charging with USB Type-C

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With the recent announcement of Android M at the Google I/O developers conference, it has been stated that smartphones running this operating system and that are equipped with USB Type-C (or USB-C that Apple has fondly called it); has the ability to charge another smartphone or similar device with the use of a reversible USB-C cable.

This effectively turns any Android M and USB-C smartphone into an emergency battery pack. Just say your friend needs a quick boost of juice, simply plug the phones together and hey presto, you’ve just given life. This could be used across a wider range of products, such as smart watches (if they use cables) and possibly even laptops and tablets; however, we charging a larger device probably wouldn’t yield huge power transfer due to the comparable size of the smartphone battery compared to the tablet or laptop.

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USB-C is the future, not only is it reversible at the plug, but it can give power, provide video output and transfer data. Larger hardware such as laptops and desktop computers haven’t fully embraced USB-C due to the lack of components out there that use the new standard.

I can’t wait for this to become the true USB standard; not having to worry about what way the cable goes in just seems like a dream when you’re constantly unplugging peripherals.

Thank you to Mashable for providing us with this information.

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