ENBSeries Version 0.273 Mod Been Released for GTA V

/ 3 years ago


Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing game for many reasons. It has incredible graphics, fantastic voice acting and a gameplay that can keep me in front of my screen for hours at a time. Still, as great as the game may be in its original form, there are numerous modders out there that are doing their best to improve it. The game already boasts some fantastic mods, including one that allows the player to join and represent the Los Santos Police Department. However, some of the most anticipated and appreciated mods are usually the ones that enhance the game visually, and this is where ENBSeries shines.

This mod was created by Boris Vorontsov, and it is currently at its 0.273 version. This latest version was presented recently on a YouTube channel named Unreal, and it shows off some of its most important additions. These are mostly based on giving the user the ability to modify the game’s spot and vehicle lights. Tweaking the intensity of the headlights and taillights looks decent enough, but modifying the spot intensity definitely has more potential to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Have you installed any mods for GTA V yet?

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.

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