Energenie Smart Home Power and Heating Upgrade Review

A Closer Look – Smart Plugs

The triple pack of plugs are a real easy way to retrofit existing devices to become smart devices. Plug the adaptor into the mains, then your device into the adaptor. For example, if I put a lamp into one, I can set a timer that only turns that lamp on at night. Plug it into a fan that only comes on when the temperature is above 22c, or even your home entertainment centre to shut down when you go to bed.

They’re very simple devices overall. There’s a small power button on the top too. If you’re running them on an extension cable, it can make each device power switchable, rather than having to turn off the whole block of plugs. I use one of these on my subwoofer, so that it only turns it on at midday, but turns it off at 11pm when I don’t want the thumpy bass to wake up the kids.

They’re all standard UK fittings, with all the usual safety ratings. It’ll handle 13A an up to 3120 watts just like any mains socket would.

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