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Energenie Smart Home Power and Heating Upgrade Review

Energenie Smart Home

Investing in smart home technology has never been easier. You can simply add an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or similar device, and you’re ready to rock. These are simply a gateway to automation and beyond. I myself have since invested in fully smart lighting using Philips Hue. I can dim the lights and even change the colours of any bulb in the house. Wake up timers, sleep timers, movie time modes, and so much more. But, what else can I add to my house to improve my quality of life?


I’ve already become the master of my own RGB lit house universe. But can I take absolute control over the climate in my home? Well, with this range of products from Energenie I certainly think so. I’ve had them installed in my house for a few months now hoping to glean an insight into what it can do for me. However, the results were not as immediately apparent as I had once hoped. I was hoping to show how I could save money on my gas and electric bills by automating my central heating and a few other gadgets. Unfortunately, that information didn’t come as clear as I had hoped, but there was another happy result of the process, which we’ll get to shortly.

Products Featured

The Thermostat will replace the old wired module for my boiler, making it Alexa and IFTTT compatible. Furthermore, the addition of some smart radiator valves that can shut off/turn on my radiators for me, and some smart plugs that I can use to turn devices on/off on timers, or using Alexa skills, etc. That’s a little over £300 for the whole setup, but that also includes the smart home hub, which isn’t seen here as I actually already have one from this previous review.

  • Energenie MiHome Smart Thermostat (MIHO069) – £89.99
  • Energenie MiHome Heating Pack (MIHO029) – £184.99
  • Energenie MiHome Smart Plugs 3 Pack (MIHO002) – £27.99

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Peter Donnell

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