Enermax announce an external USB powered case fan

/ 7 years ago

The Enermax U.R.VEGAS USB fan with rubber frame is a rather revolutionary product and something that not many manufactures, if any have attempted before. It is an external cooling fan!

The 120mm Red LED fan features a rubber frame and USB power connection. It offers extreme mobility and the flexibility to be moved whenever necessary. The fan can also work when mounted externally onto a case and held in position via a skin pad with magnets. A meshed fan guard is used to avoid any unwanted injuries and the fan blades are detachable for easy cleaning.

The U.R. Vegas has a maximum speed of 1250RPM, air flow of 52.51CFM and maximum noise of 21dBA. The MTBF is 100,000 hours showing the fan should be good quality.

As of yet, there is no word on pricing, but we expect more information to be revealed very soon.

More information on the Enermax U.R. Vegas USB Fan can be found on the manufacturer page here.

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