Enermax bring in new Revolution87+ power supplies

/ 6 years ago

The successful Enermax Modu87+ has found a worthy successor: Revolution87+ continues the outstanding power supply series. It carries over the main advantages of its predecessor such as the forward-looking, highly efficient Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology or the leading fan speed control that ensures a silent operation. On the other hand, Revolution87+ profits by the technological progress of Enermax engineering. Partially, the new power supplies already follow the path-breaking technology of the Enermax flagship series Platimax ensuring an extremely high efficiency and rock stable voltages.

Enermax engineers have refined the proved Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology of the Modu87+ series and come out with fabulous 87 to 93 percent efficiency at 20 to 100 percent load – beating even some Platinum models in the market. Revolution87+ has been tested by the international 80 PLUS organisation and gained the 80 PLUS Gold certificate. The new Enermax PSU also supports the most current ErP Lot 6 standard for computer systems with less than 0.5W power consumption in standby mode (PSU only).

Like the Modu87+ power supplies, Revolution87+ is equipped with a durable 13.9cm Twister Bearing fan. The patented bearing technology guarantees a smooth and silent rotation with up to 100,000 hours MTBF lifetime. Enermax further relies on a smart RPM control that ensures an optimal balance between cooling performance and noise generation. With 300 or 500 RPM at low loads and 1,000 or 1,200 RPM maximum, Revolution87+ is an almost inaudible power source.

Revolution87+ is based on a Multi-Rail design with up to four massive 12V rails. Each of them is equipped with a separated over-current protection (OCP). Enermax successfully improved its DC-to-DC technology to reach the best possible output voltage regulation and an extremely low ripple and noise. No doubt, Revolution87+ is the first choice to power advanced system configurations and latest gaming rigs, ensuring an ultra efficient, extremely silent and rock stable operation.

Prices and Availability
The Enermax Revolution87+ series is now available in five versions with 550, 650, 750, 850 and 1000W:

  • ERV550AWT-G: 159.90 Euro
  • ERV650AWT-G: 174.90 Euro
  • ERV750AWT-G: 209.90 Euro
  • ERV850EWT-G: 229.90 Euro
  • ERV1000EWT-G: 269.90 Euro

Source: Press Release

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