Enermax EMK3104 Hybrid 2.5-inch Docking Station Review

Final Thoughts


The Enermax EMK3104 doesn’t cost a whole lot and at the time of writing you can find it at Amazon for £30.59 in the UK and $26.99 in the US. German readers can find it starting at €17.38 through Geizhals.


Enermax has designed the EMK3104 drive enclosure to resembles a hard disk as much as possible, a logic choice since it is supposed to work as one. But it is so much more than a 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch adapter.

The dual connection abilities of the EMK3104 make it even more useful. You can either just use it as an external USB 3.0 enclosure or you can actually use it as both in combination with a 3.5-inch docking bay.

We saw some good transfer speeds despite the lack of UASP support. The enclosure is more aimed at hard disk users than SSD users, so the higher transfer speeds aren’t really needed. You’ll still get fast transfer speeds with the use of SSDs.

The ability to lock the drive tray adds security from both accidental drive ejection as well as sticky fingers that want to run away with your easy-ejectable and hot-swappable drive.


  • USB 3.0 and SATA dual enclose
  • Standard 3.5-inch form factor
  • Accessories pack includes both SATA and USB cables
  • Lockable and Hot-swap bay


  • No UASP support

“Enermax created a double useful enclosure with their EMK3104. You get both a drive adapter, lockable hot-swap bay, and a portable enclosure in one.”

Enermax EMK3104 Hybrid 2.5-inch Docking Station Review

Thanks to Enermax for providing this review sample.

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Bohs Hansen

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