Enermax Fulmo-ST Midi-Tower Chassis Review

/ 4 years ago

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It’s been a while since we got to take a look at an Enermax chassis, the last one was the fantastic Ostrog GT four months ago and it’s great to finally get our hands on something new from the German manufacturer.

The in-name only little brother of the Fulmo GT, the Fulmo ST is a premium price range midi tower. The Fulmo GT is a ultra premium priced full tower and to my eyes looks little to nothing like the ST, they just share the same first name. The mid-towered Fulmo ST is priced at around £90 here in the UK at time of writing and that makes it a premium solution, it’s not the most expensive option out there but it’s certainly up against some fierce competition in that price range from brands like NZXT and Corsair.

Enermax are already a big brand, well-known around the world for their award-winning power supplies, coolers and fans but in recent years they’ve been getting plenty of attention for their unique chassis designs, I’m hoping that the Fulmo ST is another great addition to their good name. So let’s get started and take a closer look at what the Fulmo ST has to offer.

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It’s worth pointing out here that the model we have in the office is the ECA3270A-G-BL, which features 2 x 140mm blue LED fans in the front panel and the LED on/off switch.


The chassis comes in a fairly standard box with a high contrast image of the chassis on the front and the full specifications listed on the side (see above).


In the box I found the handy Enermax velcro strips, these are great for cable management in visible areas, as well as some cable ties and the usual assortment of screws and standoffs. There was also an internal case speaker and some 3pin fan to molex adaptors.


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4 Responses to “Enermax Fulmo-ST Midi-Tower Chassis Review”
  1. Wayne says:

    It looks like a very nice chassis from what I can see. I hope to check out one soon bit I don’t hold much hope. With Enermax, we either have feast or famine (Fans notwithstanding, they’re easily available).
    There is one slight issue I can see which would niggle me personally and that’s the inclusion of USB 2 ports. They’re unnecessary even if your motherboard doesn’t support USB 3. Two cheap & simple adapter cables would solve that problem.
    All black connector cables would also lend a nice touch and although the multi coloured cables can be hidden, Ryan would probably frown at that. Lol.

  2. Matthew Humpherson says:

    I agree those cables look horrible, so many different colours! I also wonder why a company so famous for fans has only put generic LED fans in one of their cases… Seems rather cheap to me.

  3. d6bmg says:

    Chassis seems to be pretty good to me. Front part looks good and coupled with good interior design it would make one of the good mid-end chassis to choose from.

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