Enermax Introduces Steelwing Aluminium Chassis

Enermax’ latest chassis is anything but ordinary and it might not be everyone’s taste – but I quite like it. The Steelwing chassis has been officially released and it is a fully aluminium micro-ATX chassis that comes with a panoramic tempered glass side panel and wing-shaped front panel.

The tempered glass side panels are “really in” at the moment and that’s not really a surprise. Hardware manufacturers pay at least as much attention to the design of their components as they do the features and most of it is worth showing off – and why not, after you spent so much money on it all. But where most chassis’ take the ordinary square approach, Enermax breaks with the tradition and created an asymmetrical case with a wing-shaped front panel.

The front panel also comes with one pre-installed ENERMAX patented circular-type LED fan to give the Steelwing chassis the final touch and cooling options out of the box. With a chassis like this, one front facing fan is most likely not enough for you and that’s okay as the interior should offer a great flexibility for users to build their systems including hard-tubing installation. The 3.5mm thick aluminium panels used should also help with a better heat-dissipation compared to steel-built chassis’.

While I mentioned above that it there’s room for hard tubing setups and more, then that’s compared to other SFF systems as the Steelwing is a micro-ATX chassis. Those used to full-sized systems will most likely find it limited, but still, there’s potential.

There’s room for either an mITX or microATX-sized motherboard with a cooler up to 80mm height. The graphics card or other add-in cards can be up to 290mm long. As a power supply, you’ll need to use an SFX styled one and there’s only room for one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch HDD or SSD in the rear. The front has room for another 3.5-inch drive if a 120mm liquid cooler and fan aren’t installed there. The Enermax Steelwing is available in 2 colours: red and green, each version is equipped with a colour matching Enermax patented Circular Type LED fan. No word on pricing tho.

In a way, I like it. The Steelwing looks great, but it would be too cramped a space for my liking. The name also amuses me a little as it’s called the Steelwing but it has been crafted of aluminium instead of steel.

Bohs Hansen

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