Enermax Liqmax II 240mm AIO CPU Cooler Review

/ 2 years ago

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Final Thoughts


The Enermax LiqMax II 240mm AIO water cooler can be picked up from Scan.co.uk for a very reasonable £69.98 + shipping, which is still about £20 cheaper than the best prices I can find (via Google) on the Enermax LiqTech 240mm, making the new model a very good deal indeed!


Enermax is king at AIO water cooling, time and time again they’ve proven that they can make extremely competitive products, in fact, they’ve made the two best AIO coolers I’ve ever tested. The top is still their LiqTech 240mm, but the LiqMax 240mm is a close second and a little bit cheaper, so in terms of value for money, you’re going to have a hard time beating it. The 2c difference between the old model and the new model isn’t much and it’s still going to be great for those wanting to heavily overclock their CPU.

The design is really nice, sure the radiator is pretty standard stuff in terms of style, but the pump design looks really cool and those high-quality fans are a cut above what we usually see on AIO units.

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The sound levels are average, but that’s no bad thing really, as it’s not super quiet, but it’s still well within a comfortable level where you’re barely going to hear it once installed in your chassis. Plus, the fans are PWM controlled, so you can easily put it into silent mode at the cost of some thermal performance and with the figures we’ve seen today, there’s easily a little room to do so.


  • Good cooling performance at stock clocks
  • OK acoustic performance
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent RAM clearance
  • Great overclocking performance


  • Limited availability in some regions

“Build quality is great overall, performance is amazing, the design looks great and the price is very competitive. Is the LiqMax II one of the best coolers money can buy? I certainly think so!”

Enermax Liqmax II 240mm AIO CPU Cooler Review

Enermax Liqmax II 240mm AIO CPU Cooler Review

Thank you Enermax for providing us with this sample.

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