Enermax Mighty Charger ECR301 & ECR 501 Card Reader and Front Panel Review

/ 3 years ago

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The Enermax MightyCharger’s aren’t widely available in the UK yet, but you can find them. Amazon has the ECR301 listed for what seems a temporary price of £33.29 while the ECR501 only costs £32.17. US customers can also find them at Amazon where the ECR301 will cost you $35.99 and the ECR501 for $42.99. German readers can find the best offers via Geizhals where the ECR301 starts at €26.10 and the ECR501 starts at €28.08.


Being able to expand the capabilities of your chassis with so much in such an easy way makes the Enermax MightyCharger a great addition for almost anyone and any case. While the units are marketed as card readers, they are so much more.

The ECR301 will not only give you a row of additional USB 2.0 ports but also an extra USB 3.0, eSATA and a high-power USB charging port. On top of that you’ll get a multi-card reader capable of reading almost any card format and that connects through USB 3 for high-speed transfers. Pretty much any front connection you could want.

The ECR501 brings along a some extra features due to the size increase from 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch. You’ll get a couple more USB 2.0 ports as well as additional card reading support. The space behind the front panel would normally have been wasted, but Enermax used it in a clever fashion. You can mount two 2.5-inch and one 3.5-inch drive in the unit for even more functionality from a single drive bay.

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The card readers also performed great and clearly demonstrated USB 3.0 speeds. USB 2.0 would never be able to handle that fast speeds, making it a joy to use to transfer those image files and what else you might have stored on your cards over to your PC.


  • Multi-Card reader connected via USB 3.0
  • Maximized USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 front access
  • Direct eSATA and USB connections (no hub used)
  • USB Charging port
  • Hard disk mounts in ECR501


  • None

“The Enermax ECR301 and ECR501 Card Reader and Front Panel units would make a perfect addition to almost any case. They provide maximum connectivity ranging from USB to eSATA to extra drive mount options.”


Enermax Mighty Charger ECR301 & ECR 501 Card Reader and Front Panel Review

Thanks to Enermax for providing us with this review sample.

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