Enermax NX and EX power supplies spotted

/ 6 years ago

Enermax’s new mainstream line of power supplies, the NX and EX, have been spotted over in China by Expreview. The NX series will include 350W, 450W and 600W models. The EX series gets 450W, 550W and 650W, so as the wattages would suggest these power supplies are targeted at single GPU and single CPU configurations. For the NX series, The 350W gets a single 6pin meaning you can only support low power cards like a HD 7770 whilst the 450W and 600W models get 6pin and 6+2pin cables meaning you can support higher end cards that require more power than one connector, a GTX 680 is possible. For the EX series there is 6pin and 6+2pin connectors on all three models, although it would of been nice to see dual GPU support on the the 650W and 600W models.

As you can see from the image the power supplies are cooled by a single 120mm fan covered by a aluminium fan grill. The NX series offers typical 80% efficiency which is uncertified. The 600W offers a peak of 86% efficiency and is 80 Plus certified. Whilst the EX series appear to have 80 Plus Silver certification although this is yet to be confirmed. The EX series get blue LED fan illumination and both power supplies are non-modular. The “Volcanic Ash” coating prevents finger prints and scratches from forming.

Source: Expreview



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