Enermax releases the ETS-T40 CPU coolers

/ 7 years ago

Enermax have launched the ETS-T40 series of CPU coolers, it is parading its world leading thermal resistance of 0.09°C/W and the number of patents that apply to its design. Although, to the unknowing eye this cooler looks like a pretty standard block tower CPU cooler which is available in purple, blue and black designs. The cooler also uses enermax’s renowned twister bearing fan with 52 heat sink fins design to maximum cooling performance.

Enermax lists many features for these products as being unique:

– Patented VGF (Vortex generator flow) technology to greatly increase air convection.
– Patented SEF (Stack Effect) design to enhance heat transfer.
– Unique air path creating high VEF (Vacuum Effect) to optimize the airflow.
– Patented HDT (Heat Pipe Direct Touch) Technology to ensure rapid thermal conduction and eliminate CPU hotspot.

The cooler fan boasts maximum noise levels of 21db providing a staggering 75CFM of airflow There are three different models available:

  • ETS-T40-VD MSRP $49.99
  • ETS-T40-TA MSRP $49.99
  • ETS-T40-TB MSRP $39.99

For more information you can visit the Enermax website.

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