Enermax SpineRex Full Tower Case Review

/ 6 years ago

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In the past few years we have seen a vast number of cases being released around the £100 mark from a number of manufacturers like Corsair and Lian Li.  We have looked at a number of these cases and have been generally impressed with what they have to offer for the money.  At this price point, we would usually expect a plentiful feature set which includes good cable management, a high quality finish, water cooling support and good airflow.

We have looked at a couple of cases from Enermax in the past which have wowed us with their jazzy Apollish Vegas fans which give them a bit of bling that the competition doesn’t posses.  But other than that, the cases we’ve looked at have been quite average and haven’t really wowed us in any other respect.  Don’t get us wrong, they haven’t been bad but they just don’t quite compete with the other offerings on the market.

Hopefully their latest case, the Enermax SpineRex, will be able to buck this trend and crush the competition.  We have it on our test bench today and are ready to see whether it really justifies it’s price tag of around £120.  While most cases at this price point are mid-tower models, the Spinerex is actually a full tower case, meaning it supports extended ATX motherboards.

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One Response to “Enermax SpineRex Full Tower Case Review”
  1. Great review! Not a bad look, just poorly designed on the inside, I'm not in this since long, but I love cases and that's one of the most complicated HDDs tray system I've ever seen. Too bad, it could have been better if they'd have thought harder.

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