Enermax unveil ELC 120 and 240 Liquid CPU Coolers

/ 5 years ago

Enermax are still relatively new to CPU coolers. Currently the line up consists of the tower cooler ETS-T40 and the top-down cooler the ETD-T60 – both are air coolers. Now Enermax have finally release the ELC series which it first showed to the enthusiast community back at CeBIT 2012 in Germany.

The ELC series will feature three closed loop liquid CPU coolers with a 120mm radiator or 240mm radiator. There will be two varieties of the ELC 120 that use different fans but otherwise remain the same.

Both Enermax ELC 120-TA/TB and ELC 240 CPU coolers utilise “Quad Shunt Channelling”  technology which apparently eliminates water cooling hot spots and improves heat dissipation. Its an impressive claim and obviously we can’t wait to see the test results. This technology affects the cold plate, a.k.a the CPU block component.

In terms of the fan configuration, the ELC 120-TB and ELC 240 both get equipped with Enermax’s T.B Silence 120mm fans while the ELC 120-TA gets equipped with the T.B Apollish L.E.D 120mm fan. Enermax offers two mode functions with their fans, silent mode where the maximum RPM is capped at 1500 RPMs and overclock mode where the maximum RPM is 2200 RPM to provide additional cooling.

Thankfully Enermax have chosen to employ flexible tubing on these coolers, meaning cable management will be much easier compared to hard tubed liquid CPU coolers. The Enermax ELC 120-TB, ELC 120-TA and ELC 240 are all available from this week at prices of £69.90 and £89.90 respectively including all sales taxes.

In November, Enermax will introduce the ELC125, with a thicker 48mm radiator.

Source: Press Release

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