Engineers Have Created the First White Laser Beam

/ 2 years ago

white laser

The creation of the world’s first white laser beam might not sound so exciting at first, but its implications for the average technology user can be quite important. You see, because they’re so much more energy efficient when compared to LEDs, white lasers could very well become the next major light source for homes and gadget screens. Moreover, white lasers can cover up to 70 percent more colors when compared to the displays that we’re using right now.

The world’s first white laser beam was created by a team of researchers from the Arizona State University, but the technology is not yet perfected. Even though lasers have been around for about 50 years, they could never emit white wavelengths because they can only beam a single wavelength of light at a time. In order to create the white laser, the ASU team used three thin semiconductor lasers, each boasting a thickness of one-thousandth of a human hair. Each semiconductor emits one of the three primary colours, which eventually merge in order to create white. The researchers will now need to find a way to make white lasers run on battery power, and this could take quite a while.

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