Enthusiast Discovers Used RTX 4070 Ti That Had Been Shot

When you buy a used GPU there’s always some element of risk involved, dodgy sellers, no warranty, bullet holes, the lists of possible problems are endless which is why its good practice to take a good look before buying, especially if its a more expensive GPU.

Who Shot The RTX 4070 Ti?

A post was shared to the PCMR subreddit by u/mikeasmaeck which includes a discovery they made at a liquidation store, basically a store that sells lost packages and other used items. They saw a cheap RTX 4070 Ti for $450, which is already a sign something is off, so they asked to inspect the GPU only to discover it had been shot.

The GPU was a ROG STRIX model and the photos show that a bullet had been shot through the card near the IO and had gone straight through likely rendering the card useless. Despite it’s damage it still featured a very steep asking price of $450, I guess they were hoping for someone who wasn’t going to open up the box and take a look to buy it.

Of course someone who dabbles in GPU repair may want to use the card for donor parts, as whilst the PCB is beyond repair, as is the shroud and one of the fans, the CPU itself and VRAM chips can possibly be recycled to repair another graphics card. Though I’m not too well versed in the world of GPU and tech repair, but I doubt a repair technician will be making enough from repairs to spend $450 for some spare parts.

I’ve also ignored over the other burning question, who shoots a graphics card? There are few situations which are springing to mind, the first is that it simply got caught in the crossfire during a police raid or something, might explain why its at a liquidation store. Or maybe someone got a little too angry, though I’d expect a few more bullet holes in that instance, and extending upon that, maybe someone’s girlfriend couldn’t stand the PC getting more attention.

It’s a lot of questions, and probably very few answers, but one thing you can say is, this GPU has been overGlocked.

Jakob Aylesbury

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