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Epic Games Store Roadmap Has Cloud Saves on the Horizon

Epic Games Store‘s launch has not exactly been smooth sailing. Despite the fact that they have been offering free games to entice users, they still have a long way to go in terms of actually having features.

This was very evident during their recent sales event, where users had plenty of complaints with what the platform’s shortcomings. However, for their part, Epic Games wants users to know that they are slowly working towards having more Steam-like features. Offering a clear roadmap letting users know what next features and when will be added soon.

Where Can I See This Roadmap

The Epic Games Store roadmap is publicly viewable via Trello. This lists their most recent feature additions, as well as their plans. These plans are under four categories: near term (1-3 months), mid term (4-6 months), long term (> 6 months), and undated items.

Which New Features Will Be Arriving Soon?

One of the most requested feature for the Epic Games store is cloud saving capability. Users want to be able to keep their progress across different machines. Best of all, they want to be able to keep it after re-installation.

Thankfully, according to this roadmap, it will be arriving before the end of July. Along with this is Player Play Time tracking, as well as Offline mode improvements.

Mod support will also arrive soon, although this is under the mid-term category. So expect it to arrive within 4 to 6 months. Wishlists and additional currencies are also on the same time line.

The bad news is that incorporating Achievements is still more than half a year away.

Ron Perillo

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